Election fraud? Well, not so fast


How is all that alleged voter-fraud investigation coming? The Republican petition to the Supreme Court asked the court to “toss” the electoral votes already certified for Joe Biden in 5 key states and allow the Republican legislatures in those states to replace them with electors for Trump, thereby giving Trump the election. They must have had actual evidence of massive numbers of voter fraud to justify reversing the intentions of millions of voters? Well, not so fast.  

In Pennsylvania, which Biden won by over 80,000 votes, there have been 3 voters (all Republicans) charged with voting for a dead relative.   In Wisconsin, one women has been charged with attempting to submit a ballot for her dead partner. In Nevada, there are 3 cases under investigation, including one person attempting to vote for a dead father and another where a ballot had been submitted with a forged signature for a dead woman.

In Michigan, 2 have been charged with forging family member’s names on an absentee ballot request and another on a ballot. Michigan also conducts careful audits post-election to look for voters attempting to vote in more than one state, and in 2018 there were 14 investigated out of 2.65 million cast.  In Oregon and Colorado, which vote only by mail, they have found 372 potential cases of multiple voting or voting for dead people out of 14.6 million votes cast in 2018. In Georgia, where Biden won by 12,000 votes they have 150 incidents under investigation but these include many activities other than just voting.  

These are serious crimes, and those charged will face felony convictions. Unfortunately, it is not a crime to make false and completely unsupported accusations in an attempt to overthrow an election. That is sad, because these false claims do far more damage to our country and its institutions.

— Mike Corbett, Rome


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