Eagles’ first Super Bowl victory is an exciting one


This year the Super Bowl was so exciting. Here are my crazy Rome, New York thoughts on the game. The Philadelphia Eagles won their first-ever Super Bowl with a 41-33 victory over the New England Patriots.

1. Eli Manning is my all-time favorite New York Giant football player and he is known for upstaging Tom Brady. He did it again! His Dirty Dancing commercial with Odell Beckham Jr. was so funny and entertaining that it had everyone laughing at our Super Bowl party. 

2. If Tom Brady, the quarterback, had thrown that ball to Tom Brady, the receiver, Tom Brady, the quarterback, would have yelled at that receiver on the sideline afterward. How do you short-arm a catch like that with nobody around?  Coach Don Bruce used to run that play for Rome Free Academy quarterback Mike Davis back in 1968 and he never missed.

3.  Bill Belichick’s cut-off sweatshirt looked like something you would wear in training camp. Tom Hoke always looked good dressed in his RFA gear back in his day. He even had his staff of coaches Tom Myslinski, Bob Ryan and Don Bruce dressed in Black Knight attire. 

4.  NBC’s Cris Collinswoth called two of the disputed Eagles’ touchdowns no good, confusing all of us with the catch/no catch rule. If Rome legend Ed O’Brien was calling the game he would have got it right.

5. Pink is my favorite pop singer and she sang our National Anthem beautifully but with the whole country watching she had time to spit out her throat lozenge. I bet if Andrea DelPiano Falvo was singing it would have been perfect. Back in the day she was always selected to sing in Rome’s special events.

6. Doug Pederson coached a great game for the Eagles. His 4th-and-1 call to tight end Zach Ertz in the waning minutes won the game in my opinion. Back in his coaching career Rome Catholic High Coach Dennis Skibitski used his huge tight ends like TJ Mullin, Ryan Tyler and Vinny Cianfrocco the same way on big fourth down calls.

7. Geek of the week: NBC. They had so many winter Olympic commercials that I am already sick of watching them. If they had one with our own Erin Hamlin then I would have been happy. Did you know this is her fourth and final Winter Olympics?

8. Justin Timberlake is 37-years-old now and seems forever young. I loved his tribute song to Prince but the show’s audio was terrible. I couldn’t hear his voice on some of his music, so it felt like I was at a karaoke bar. I would have rather heard RFA Rhapsody with Jake Meiss producing. Maybe next year.

9. Coin Toss: Hershel Woodrow “Woody” Williams, a World War ll Marine veteran, tossed the coin. He was a Medal of Honor recipient during the Battle of Iwo Jima and I got choked up watching. I couldn’t help wondering if Rome’s Iwo Jima hero Armando Seccurra served with him or knew him?

Rome sport nickname: Armando Seccurra “Army.”

10. All-in-all it was a great Super Bowl that went right down to a Hail Mary attempt by Tom Brady. Not one player took a knee during the National Anthem and the Eagles won.

I think next year I’ll be back as a fan again.


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