Drone alliance announces milestone for airport testing site


The organization behind a drone testing air corridor at Griffiss International Airport in Rome announced Thursday it has successfully integrated the services of five companies into a system for validating unmanned air traffic control systems.

Northeast UAS Airspace Integration Research said the integration “opens the doors for companies from across the globe to come to Central New York, test their drone technologies and help build an interoperable, global, UTM (unmanned traffic management) system.

Each service suppliers bring their unique expertise in live flight tracking, real-time situational awareness, flight data exchange mechanisms, analytics, UAS traffic management. They are:

AirMap, ANRA, AGI/OneSky, Thales and Unifly.

Together, the service suppliers use the two dominant unmanned traffic-management models, the U.S. National Aeronautics and Space Administration’s and the European U-Space Model. Habing both at the test site means both can be tested independently and a way for both to coexist can be developed.

The test site consists of ground facilities and an air corridor between Griffiss and Syracuse where drone-control systems can be tested and validated, with the goal of building a system for drones like that of pilots-on-board aircraft.

“Having multiple UAS service suppliers leveraging our command and control infrastructure at the test site allows for any company to test their drone technology, regardless of the platform or service supplier,” said Tony Basile, chief operations officer at NUAIR.

“These partners provide capabilities that allow the New York UAS Test Site to collect mission data, test cross-communications between platforms and allows a wider range of operators to use our facilities and advance the UAS industry.”


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