Drivers urged to watch out for motorcyclists


With warm weather and Memorial Day Weekend upon us, AAA wants to remind all motorist to be on the lookout for motorcyclists on the roadway.

AAA officials said the nice weather and the holiday weekend will lead to an increase in motorcyclists taking to the open road. But because drivers aren't used to seeing motorcycles in the winter, AAA officials want to pass along a reminder to keep your eyes peeled.

Everyone is responsible for sharing the road, officials said.

Tips for drivers:

Check mirrors and blind spots for motorcyclists before entering or leaving lanes of travel. Most crashes occur when drivers simply don't see the motorcyclist.

Signal before changing lanes or merging with traffic.

Increase following distance behind motorcycles.

Never try to share a lane with a motorcycle. They have the same right to lanes as any other vehicle.

Tips for motorcyclists:

Before you ride, make sure your motorcycle is in good working order, including checking tire pressure, tread depth, brakes, headlights and signal indicators.

Make sure any cargo is secure and balanced, and adjust suspension a nd tire pressure to accommodate the extra weight.

Always ride with a helmet that meets federal guidelines. Helmets are required by New York State.

Wear other protective gear along with your helmet, including gloves, pants and a jacket.

Make yourself visible. Keep your lights on, wear bright colors and use reflective tape, even during the daytime. Position yourself in the lane where drivers can see you.

If possible, combine both turn signals and hand signals to make your intentions even more clear.


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