Downtown statue not worth the expense


I have read through your articles about the bronze statue of an Oneida Indian Nation member. I appreciate the historical significance of the “De-O-Wain-Sta” or place of the “Great Carry,” and the part the Oneida Indian Nation played in the American Revolutionary War.

If the members of today’s Oneida Indian Nation are happy with the $500,000 price tag for the sculpture, all well and good. However, as a taxpaying citizen, I can honestly say that after visiting the site of this statue, I can’t see $1.4 million worth of “my” money.

Did I miss seeing an article on announcements or proposals for this huge expenditure? Was the taxpaying public informed of this expenditure?

Was the taxpaying public given a choice where the state and federal monies were to be put to use? Just asking.

— Mary B. Eggan, Rome


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