Different view on attorney general’s actions


A recent Daily Sentinel story on the attorney general is biased and inaccurate in several respects. First, The “Dems” are not asking Attorney General William Barr to break the law but to comply with it.

Months ago they asked that he seek permission to release the grand jury testimony from a federal judge, in accordance with the law, which Barr refused to do. Second, the piece incorrectly states that the Robert Mueller report found President Trump innocent of collusion. Mueller found he could not prove Trump or his campaign engaged in a conspiracy with the Russians, given they found no evidence of a “quid pro quo” agreement. In other words, they found Trump willingly accepted Russian help, but found no evidence there was an agreement for “payments” in return. Finally, although Barr stated there was insufficient evidence to justify indictment on obstruction of justice charges, over 700 former Federal prosecutors, from both parties, disagreed after reading Mueller’s findings.

The founding fathers established Congress’s oversight role in the Constitution as a check and balance over corruption in the executive branch. Fighting the release of critical materials to Congress only heightens the expectation that there is something to hide. President Richard Nixon fought the release of the tapes all the way to the Supreme Court as executive privilege, but lost. And, while Nixon was pardoned, his attorney general (and other members of his staff) were sent to prison.

— Mike Corbett, Rome


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