Despite stars 'Thunder Force' is a waste of time


How do you make the terrible “Thunder Force” movie into something actually watchable? Hope that audiences really, really like the comedy stylings of Melissa McCarthy.

Fortunately for this movie reviewer, I do, so the new Netflix superhero comedy “Thunder Force” was not as horrendous as it could have been. But holy cow, “Thunder Force” is pretty horrendous. It’s like the screenwriter watched a couple 1990s superhero comedies and nothing else for the next 25 years before writing a first draft and filming it.

Considering the popularity of superhero movies these days, a good parody would be a welcome sight. “Thunder Force” is a far cry from anything with that level of insight.

The city of Chicago is overrun by sociopathic super-villains called Miscreants, and there are no superheroes to stop them. Resident genius Emily invents a way to give herself superpowers in order to fight back, but then her boorish best friend Lydia stumbles into the procedure and steals some of the powers. So Emily and Lydia have to team up as the city’s first and only superheroes to stop an evil Miscreant mayoral candidate.

A person’s sense of humor is completely subjective and there’s every chance in the world you will find “Thunder Force” to be a funny movie. If you like Melissa McCarthy, her loudmouth, motormouth style of humor is on full display and carries the entire film. The jokes are pretty straight forward and everything about the movie is pretty simple.

The problem is that everything about this movie is simple, especially the writing and dialogue. Rather than actually examine the superhero movie genre and make a good comedy, “Thunder Force” gets its understanding of superheroes and comedy from the back of a Cracker Jack box.

A good movie could exist in the framework of “Thunder Force”. McCarthy stars alongside Octavia Spencer, and the idea of having two middle-aged, plus-sized women as the world’s first and only superheroes sounds really interesting. There’s no reason only young, beautiful people should get powers.

But “Thunder Force” does not do anything clever or interesting with its premise. It goes only for the bluntest and dullest jokes, it succeeds only being as basic and uninteresting as possible. “Thunder Force” is not worth your time.


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