Despite Rep. Tenney’s no vote, help is on the way


Regarding Rep. Claudia Tenney’s no vote on the American Rescue Plan Act:  Her refusal to vote for the Act shows that she feels her constituents either don’t need or don’t deserve any of the benefits contained in the recently-signed bill.

“It costs too much.”  “Only 9% of this bill is for Covid relief.” What? The elements of this plan are going to rescue people and businesses from economic, physical and mental disaster and get the country vaccinated and back to normal. The cost?? Well, we can let our country crash and burn, or rescue it with a big price tag. What choice is there! We are in a big mess and we have to pay to get out of it.

I am sure that everyone who supports Ms.Tenney and her Republican colleagues will be mailing back their stimulus checks and will refuse all benefits of the Act, as they and/or their loved ones obviously don’t need them! I am also sure that Ms. Tenney and her Republican colleagues will not dare take any credit for the good that will come of this historic legislation.  

To Ms.Tenney I say thanks for nothing. She voted no on a bill supported by 75% of Americans, many of whom are her constituents. She doesn’t appear to care about us one bit.

Thank heavens the Democrats care about us. In spite of Ms. Tenney et. al., help is on the way!

— Patricia K. Albaugh, Oneida


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