DAR urges students to enter annual Flag Essay contest


The National Organization of DAR and our local Fort Stanwix Chapter are proud to announce the annual Flag Essay contest now in progress. Students from several local school districts in grades five and six are eligible to enter.

The title, What the Flag of the United States Means to Me, gives students the opportunity to offer their opinions, along with whatever facts they find in their research, as they write their ideas. Teachers in the school districts of Rome, Oriskany, VVS, and Westmoreland, along with New York State School for the Deaf and Rome Catholic School, have been notified and information given to them regarding the specific rules for the essay which they can share with their students.

Suggestions for activities that are not an obligatory assignment may not seem to garner much enthusiasm for students but incentives are offered which might inspire them to enter. Exploring the chance of a competition with fifth and sixth grade students in other districts can be an exciting feature for them as well as monetary prizes for first, second and third place winners of $100, $75, $50.

The deadline for the contest is March 11. If students write their essay independently, they can give their essays to their teacher. If essays are written by the entire class, the teachers have the information for mailing them by the deadline.

Parents are encouraged to suggest their children enter this contest. Families of veterans, now or in the past, have very personal feelings about our flag. Children hear these thoughts in their homes and are able to form their own opinions as well. With the many stories on the news today which our children also hear, this may be just the inspiration they need to write.


— Judith Parker, Rome, NY 


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