LETTER: Cuomo’s TV commercials are pathetic


It seems comical but more pathetic that former disgraced governor Andrew Cuomo is running ads touting his innocence in his multiple sex scandals. It’s as if he’s proclaiming,”I beat the rap. Do you still love me?” Cuomo has not ruled out a run at this fall’s governor election. He has to have something to spend his $25 million in his political war chest that he amassed as governor.

It was unfortunate that the district attorneys of five New York counties ruled the evidence did not warrant prosecution. I’m not sure if this includes all 12 of his victims or just five. If he was so sure of his innocence why didn’t he face an impeachment trial in the Assembly? Because he knew that if found guilty he could not run for any office in New York. And with Democrats controlling not only both houses of the legislature and all top elected offices, he could never blame state Republicans for leading the drumbeat. And let’s not forget the nursing home scandal of his own Health Department accusing his administration of fudging the death counts of nursing home victims.

Cuomo’s reputation precedes him as a bully and tyrant during his three terms as governor. It’s too bad that New York voters have a history of electing powerful people to office (Eric Schneiderman and Eliot Spitzer also come to mind) who commit acts of malfeasance and only have to face resignation for their misdeeds.

— Dan LeFever, Rome


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