Credit union aids community schools effort


NEW HARTFORD — First Source Federal Credit Union was thrilled to be able to help the Rome Connected Community Schools Program provide three truckloads of food which equates to roughly 40,000 desperately needed meals to the Rome community.

“According to Feeding America, the average meal takes 1.2 lbs. of food to make,” said Melissa Roys, Executive Director of Community Connected Schools in Rome. “We typically receive about 15,000 lbs. of food per truck load with the average cost being about $700. First Source’s generous gift helped to cover 40,000 meals. We are so grateful for the donation.”

“When we look at our area’s current greatest need, we are hearing that it is food in almost every scenario,” said Pamela Way, Community Relations Specialist for First Source. “We are generally known for helping our community on many fronts with educational components, however, we are seeing a food need really bubble to the top. To know that our donation can cover so much with this group was a big proponent of how we were able to give to them at this time.”


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