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Couple’s journey brings them back to Barneveld with diner

Cara Dolan Berry, Special to the Daily Sentinel
Posted 9/22/22

As the Mohawk Valley meanders into Adirondack Park, it passes through the humble hamlet of Barneveld.

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Couple’s journey brings them back to Barneveld with diner


BARNEVELD — As the Mohawk Valley meanders into Adirondack Park, it passes through the humble hamlet of Barneveld. Tim and Melanie Corelli, born and raised in Barneveld, followed their own winding road to fall in love, live a military life that led their family wide and far as Tim served over 20 years in the Navy, and finally find their way home ... to Barneveld … and to a calling to cook for neighbors and strangers turned friends, to fill the “lifted cup” of their community.

“It was meant to be,” said Melanie Corelli of the confluence of events that led the couple to the empty space home seven years ago to a local diner called The Lighthouse, which they filled with the Lifted Cup Cafe.

“Everyone used to go to the bowling alley for food or Northern Villa restaurant for a nice meal,” said Tim Corelli , who shared that both had closed just before the Corellis opened the doors to their diner a year ago, May. “Everyone has said they are so happy to have somewhere to go.”

The space is cute and cozy. A small patio at the entrance offers a trio of seasonal bistro tables. Walk in to an Adirondack vibe, struck by warm woods, rich leathers, and two fireplaces. The Corellis opted for an open kitchen to show their customers their love of cooking.

Said Melanie, “I love to see the joy on people’s faces.”

Lifted Cup dons what they call “our little business model,” where customers take a menu card upon arrival, take a seat, choose their chow, and line their card up on the kitchen counter.

“It’s a little confusing at first,” Tim confesses, but the Corellis love watching their regulars help rookie diners “figure it out.”

The breakfast choices include eggs, omelettes, breakfast sandwiches on fresh bagels or buttermilk biscuits, buttermilk waffles, a daily special quiche platter, stuffed French toast, and Tim’s own sausage gravy and biscuits. Lunch looks customary, a slew of salads and deli sandwiches, hot and cold, grilled burgers, chicken, and Philly cheese steak. Daily specials are “always different.”

While little in this house is not special, the Corellis agreed that the specialty of this house is Tim’s sausage gravy.

“We love to watch people’s first reaction to it,” said Melanie proudly, “I tell people all the time I married him for his gravy.”

The peach-stuffed, deep dish French toast was drizzled with real maple syrup, locally sourced from Delta Glenn Maple Syrup, and set off with crispy, pepper-cured bacon.

Melanie shares that they don’t have a fryer. They try to offer healthier options. “I do the salads,” said Melanie. “I try to make them look beautiful.”

Melanie hopes their specials offer variety to their regular customers. “We try to do something new and fresh every day.”

The proof is in the parking lot. When their doors are open, the lot is full.

The co-owners shared being drained by former corporate careers, while now energized by the work of feeding friends.

“We used to come home exhausted and, now, it’s what’s next,” said Tim, who shared he had stacked wood after work the day before.

The name, Lifted Cup, comes from Psalms 116, reflecting the faith in which the Corellis abide.

“It is about being humble. We are an empty cup and the Lord fills us,” they shared, blessed that their cup is now overflowing. “So, it pours out to others.”

“The sign above the door says it all,” says Tim. It reads: “Where friends become family.”



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