Couple found county vaccine site run ‘efficiently and professionally’


I am writing this letter in support of our County Executive Anthony Picente.

Perhaps Cuomo spokesman Jack Sterne should check his facts on where seniors should get shots.

When my husband and I became eligible for the vaccine (those age 65 and older), we were in contact with a couple of local pharmacies but to no avail. We were told to go through the county.

Åt that point none of the hospitals had any vaccine. Neither did our physician’s office. The state web site listed some sites but none had vaccine. Hmmm!

Fortunately Mr. Picente had the two county sites up and running, and we were lucky enough to secure appointments. The county seat was run efficiently and professionally by very caring individuals.

I commend Mr. Picente for his diligent efforts to help all county residents as they become eligible including the seniors. Thank you, Mr. Picente.

— John and Janice Trautner, Rome


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