Councilors approve parcel sales, get update on wastewater plant


The city will sell two west Rome properties to contractor Brian J. Townsend, following a vote at the Common Council’s Thursday night meeting.

Councilors approved the sale of 822 Erie Boulevard West for $31,000 and the vacant lot numbered 824 for $2,500. Per the agreement, Townsend will rehabilitate the 822 property to the city’s satisfaction in “approximately six months.” There are no conditions attached to Townsend’s purchase of the 824 lot.

Councilor Kimberly Rogers, R-3, said she believed the formerly troubled property would be in good hands.

“This has been a property ... (that has) had some issues. We’ve had some overdoses of drugs and some difficult people living there, and so hopefully we’ll be able to turn that around.”

She continued: “In this particular case, since the properties are in my ward ... I got an email from a neighboring resident today with a concern about who’s going to live there if it was going to be a rental property ... I think (Townsend) presented himself well to the council and that he will do a good job.”

Councilor Frank Anderson, R-5, reported that the council’s Municipal Operations Committee met with Department of Public Works Commissioner Butch Conover on Wednesday to discuss progress at the wastewater treatment plant in east Rome, where city workers are expanding the facility’s waste processing capacity.

Anderson said work at the plant is “on target for completion.”

“At the end of the day, we’re looking to handle more waste than previously ... where we might be getting 16,000 gallons (of waste) per day from a company to go through the facility, we’re looking for maybe 50 or 60,000 gallons per day (after the expansions),” he said.

“It’s a potential revenue driver,” he continued. “We might even be able to take the waste water treatment plant offline, to where (the city is) not paying for electricity and things like that, that the revenue we have coming in will help balance the expenses.”

Anderson also thanked the DPW for its efforts in Monday’s snow storm.

Councilors also passed a $46,000 bond measure for a new forensics vehicle for the Police Department. The department’s fleet currently has one such vehicle from 2003, that police officials have called “outdated” and “too small” in internal city documents.

Also passed by the council on Thursday:

A resolution authorizing three Codes Enforcement officials to attend a New York State Building Officials Conference for $1,080 (total).

A resolution affirming that the new police forensics vehicle will have no significant environmental impact, per state law.

A resolution appointing commissioners of deeds, a notary-like position. Appointees include Councilor Riccardo D. Dursi (R-5), Oneida County Legislator Michael Brown (D-12-Rome), and Rome Democratic Committee Chairman David Amidon. Councilor Dursi recused.

The sale of a city-owned property at 400 Henry St. to Nathaniel P. Drummond and Henry R. Perez-Jordan for $5,000.


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