Mid-State corrections officers injured by inmate


MARCY — A female corrections officer suffered a broken nose and lacerations, Thursday, after an inmate violently attacked her at the Mid-State Correctional Facility - a medium security  facility.

The attack occurred at about 9:20 a.m. The officer was making rounds in one of the housing dorms when she approached an inmate regarding complaints she was receiving about him, said state Correctional Officers & Police Benevolent Association, Inc. Central Region Vice-president Bryan Hluska. The inmate immediately took an aggressive stance against her.

Hluska said the officer administered one round of OC Spray to the inmate, which had no effect. The inmate began striking the officer multiple times in the face and head. He knocked her to the ground and began kicking her in the head and face, Hluska said. 

A response was called and multiple officers responded to the attack. When the officers arrived at the scene, the injured officer was laying on the floor and the inmate had run into the recreation room. She was assisted to her feet and brought to the infirmary.

Hluska said staff approached the inmate in the recreation room and ordered him to submit to a pat frisk. He ignored the orders and became aggressive with staff.OC Spray was administered again, with no effect.

The officers grabbed the inmate in a body hold when he charged at them. While in a body hold, the inmate continued to swing at the officers, striking one in the face, Hluska said. The officers forced the inmate to the ground as he continued to be combative. Then the officers were finally able to get his arms behind his back and apply handcuffs. Once handcuffed, he became compliant, said Hluska. 

The officer was treated by facility medical staff and transported to St. Elizabeth’s Medical Center in Utica for further evaluation. She was treated for a broken nose, lacerations to her nose and forehead, soreness to her neck, and body pain. She received sutures to close the two lacerations.  She was treated and released and did not return to duty. 

An officer who responded to the attack was also punched in the face, suffering right eye swelling, limited movement in his right hand, and right knee pain, Hluska said. He was transported to St. Elizabeth’s for treatment. 

The inmate, 32, is serving a 1-4 year sentence after being convicted in Schenectady County in 2020 for second-degree attempted assault. After the attack,  he was transferred  to Auburn Correctional Facility. 

“As the state continues to close prisons and weaken the disciplinary system, violent attacks like this continue at a record level. This brutal, vicious attack could have been even worse if it wasn’t for the quick response of staff,” said Hluska.

“This presents another opportunity for the Oneida County District Attorney’s Office to prosecute and obtain a conviction so this violent inmate, who currently is only serving a 1-4 year sentence, understands that he cannot randomly attack and injure staff at free will. Sadly, it is literally the only deterrent left to keep staff safe.”


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