Contrasting points-of-view on inauguration day


As I was watching the inaugration on Jan. 20, I witnessed a very focused effort to show the American public our new administration’s concern for the lives of our citizens. There was a sea of American flags flying on the mall that visually represented the lives lost to COVID-19 and a moment of silent prayer to honor those traffic losses.

Woven into the speeches, prayers, poems and songs offered during the ceremony were earnest appeals for unity, inclusion, equality and compassion for each other.

At Arlington Cemetery, three former presidents and first ladies took part with President Biden and Vice President Harris in a solemn wreath presentation to rightfully honor the thousands buried under the rows of white crosses.

However, a glaring hypocritical, purposeful omission in the display of concerns for the lives of others who cannot even speak for themselves or protest peacefully: Unborn Americans. Our new administration has no plans to try and save the lives of any of our most fragile, defenseless little individuals under threat of abotion. In fact Mr. Biden has promised that one of the first things on his to-do list will be sign executive orders that will reverse of the efforts made in the last four years to save the babies. Women will be able to easily get rid of their “problem” from conception to just before birth.

Stop and think about this reality. You will not see updated charts telling you about these daily losses.

— Hilda Moses, Verona


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