Consultant nonsense; It’s up to educators, staff to do their jobs


The Rome City School Board made the correct decision when it canceled the contract with AGG. What do these AGG people do is the responsibility of the principal and vice principal of each school. If the principal or the vice principal are not doing their job then can them.

It’s the responsibility of the teachers and counselors to be paying attention to what is going in regarding bullying. Children in grammar school are too young to be worrying about “sexual orientation.” Teenagers in high school should be bringing their problems to the guidance counselors, teachers, principals and vice principles. Each student should be treated the same regardless of race, creed, economic situation, sexual orientation etc.

The administration should be encouraging the students to bring their problems up with the guidance counselors, teachers, principals and vice principals.

To have a company of “experts” come in and tell our educators what they should already know is asinine. Spending money to tell us what we should already know? It is time to stand up to these special interest groups that want to create problems where none exist. If these problems exist, then it is up to the supervisors in each school to detect it and take the appropriate action.

Jacqueline Nelson, president of the Rome Branch of the NAACP, is right. But it is up to the educators, supervisors and administration to “finish what we started.” If they can’t or won’t do the job, get rid of them.

— Walter E. Beverly III, Rome 


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