Consider adopting a senior or ‘less adoptable’ pet


There are so many adoptable animals in shelters and rescues waiting for homes. If you are looking to add a new pet to your home remember when you are checking out animals at the shelter or rescue, don’t overlook the ones who are considered less adoptable.

They are just as sweet, lovable and needing of loving home also.

Sept. 24-30 is Adopt A Less Adoptable Pet Week. Animals that are considered less adoptable are:

Older animals: The age of a pet is probably the main reason certain pets are not adopted. Many people want puppies or kittens, or younger carpets and dogs. Senior dogs and cats are the pets most overlooked.

Senior cats are at the greatest risk for being overlooked for permanent homes. If you choose to adopt an older pet, you get pets that know how to behave on their own and many of them are social with other animals in the event you have other pets.

Victims of breed prejudice: Many people will overlook the numerous dogs needing homes because they aren’t the right “breed.” Breeds such as Pit Bulls or dogs considered “bully breeds” are passed up because of reputation placed upon them as being aggressive. Pit Bulls and Pit Bull mixes can be wonderful, loving dogs, just like any other breed. The majority of them are great family pets.

Fearful or shy pets: These animals are passed up because they don’t show well in a shelter. Because they are scared or shy they tend to stay in the back of their cage or kennel and don’t interact with prospective adopters. Many of them will do well in a home environment if they are given the chance because they just aren’t comfortable in a shelter setting, but they will relax once they are home.

Pets with special needs: Dogs and cats with physical disabilities or on-going health issues can be hard to place. Dogs and cats who have an amputated limb or other physical defect or are blind or deaf, are often overlooked. Some pets may suffer from diabetes, neurological issues or chronic heart disease. Cats can also have incurable but manageable illnesses like feline leukemia virus (FeLV) or feline immunodeficiency virus (FIV). With properly medical treatment these can be managed while still having a loving pet.

Pets that need to be only pets: Some animals need to be in a home with either no other animals or maybe cat in a home without another cat or a dog without another dog. If you are looking to only adopt one pet ask about a pet that needs to be an “only” pet.

Bonded pairs: Sometimes when animals come to the shelter together they will turn to each other for comfort. If the bond is tight shelters will want to keep them together as a “bonded pair” because it is beneficial to the animals comfort. This is a good situation if you are looking to adopt a pair to keep each other company.

Animals of a specific color: The color of a dog or cat’s coat can make a difference in whether or not or how quickly they get a home. Dogs and cats with black coats take longer to be adopted because they may not show well in shelters because they don’t stand out and it’s sometimes hard to see their facial features or may just be victims of superstitions about being unlucky. Actually black pets can be just as sweet, loving and friendly as any other shelter pet.

There are no perfect pets. You just need to try and find the pet/pets that are perfect for you and your family. Maybe a less adoptable pet is the one that is right for you, they just need a chance to show how great a family pet they will make.

Whatever type of pet you are looking for the Humane Society of Rome has a selection of dogs and cats who are waiting to find their forever homes. Two of their pets waiting to meet you are:

Pita is a beautiful 2-year-old female American Pit Bull Terrier Mix. She was born deaf and needs someone who is very patient and willing to teach her how to be a dog. She likes everyone and would love to have a home of her own.

She loves to have attention and can be very loving. She loves to give kisses, but due to her special need, she would have to be the only pet in the household, as she can be startled by the other animals since she cannot hear them when they are near. Please come and meet her. She is going through a 7-week training program where she is learning her basic commands to become better mannered and more adoptable.

Abigail is a gorgeous 10-year-old lady. She is looking for a nice forever home . She is shy at first. She is cat selective and no dogs. She would like to go to a quiet home with no children. Once she gets to know you she does like to be brushed and get lots of love. Stop in and meet her today.


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