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Concerns raised over proposed Dollar General

Dina Olmstead
Staff writer
Posted 5/11/23

The Town of Martinsburg Planning Board held a public hearing to receive comments on the application for a Special Use Permit Review.

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Concerns raised over proposed Dollar General


MARTINSBURG — The Town of Martinsburg Planning Board held a public hearing to receive comments on the application for a Special Use Permit Review on Tax Parcel no. 259.00-03-21.111, located on State Route 12/Solomon Road, in the field directly across from Colwell’s Farm Market & Garden Center. The application, submitted by Seville Development, LLC, is for the proposed construction of a 12,633-square-foot Dollar General.

Seville Development submitted a previous application a few months ago for a 10,760-square-foot Dollar General to be located on the corner of Glenfield Road and State Route 12. Seville withdrew this application and submitted an updated one, which was approved with conditions by the Lewis County Planning Board at their most recent meeting on April 20.

There were two main concerns raised at the hearing. The first was voiced by Mike Lisk of Glenfield, who worried that the new retail store may have a negative effect on the water supply coming from a spring across the road from his house on Blue Street. He explained that the spring serves six structures with three different owners, including him and his wife, Marks Farms and Terry Thisse.

Lisk also explained that the overflow feeds his pond and exits into Whetstone Creek. Seeing that the spring is located
approximately 2,500 feet directly downhill of the proposed building site, Lisk said his concern had to do with the potential for contaminants to enter the spring, particularly cleaning chemicals.

Another concern was submitted by letter to the board from Beverly Swiernik, who felt that a Dollar General in Martinsburg would not be practical. She said that there are already Dollar Generals in Lowville and Lyons Falls, and that the town would benefit more from a Fastrac, a 7 Eleven or a Stewart’s. This way, people living in Martinsburg or Glenfield won’t have to drive all the way to Lowville or Lyons Falls for gas, pizza, subs, sandwiches or staple items like milk and eggs.

Following the hearing, the board held its regular meeting. A motion was made to approve the application with additional conditions; namely that the applicant meet with Lewis County Public Health to ensure no adverse effects on the spring serving the Lisk, Thisse and Marks Farms properties.

More details about the application, including the conditions set forth by the Lewis County Planning Board, can be found at, under Planning and Community Development.


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