Clinton Central School presents senior awards


CLINTON — Clinton Central School presented awards to graduating members of the Class of 2020 on Wednesday, June 17.

Achievement Award in Band or Orchestra: Ileana Belfiore, Danielle Casab, Isabella Ciancio, David Henderson, Gaibrielle Lewis, Jacob Lewis and Savarrah Sojda.

Barrett Williams Couper Scholarship: Tanner Deveans and Madeline Elia.

Calidonna Family Clinton Tractor Scholarship, DFS: Ethan Carr and Malachi Ward.

Choral Achievement Award: Ileana Belfiore, Alyssa Cancilla, Isabella Ciancio, Blake Hook, Ashley Neier, Sylvie Novak, Shayla Pominville and Abigail Witte.

Class of 1975 Alumni Scholarship, DFS: Tanner Deveans and Hannah Morse.

Class of 1977, DFS: Joseph Covel and Roza Simonchyk.

Clinton Central School Appreciation Award: Abbey Hynes, Brenden Karuzas, Tyler Karuzas, Gloria Kramer and Celina Zeina.

Clinton Central School PTA: Luke Chesebro, Jacob Lewis, Alex Mancuso and Shayla Pominville.

Clinton Fire Department: Luke Chesebro, Hayleigh Heintz and Joshua Wilcox.

Clinton Kiwanis Citizenship Award: Brody Glindymyer and Nolan Provost.

Clinton Lions Club Leo Club Award: Jacob Lewis and Madison Steates.

Clinton Lions Club Nathan Meyer Memorial Award: Wiley Gifford and Blake Hook.

Clinton Retired Teachers Association Award: Laura Hughes and Sarah Martini.

Civil Service Employee’s Association Award: Alexandra Saunders, Christian Sierson and Madison Steates.

Clinton Sports Boosters: Megan Bremer, Antonio Femia, David Henderson, Alexis Highers, Alexandra Saunders and Evan Wilcox.

Dollars for Scholars, Clinton Chapter Scholarship: Matthew Gadziala, Elizabeth Gale, Nicholas Gale and Breanna Schremmer.

Helmuth-Ingalls American Legion Post 232 Patriot Award: Hayleigh Heintz and David Henderson.

Helmuth-Ingalls American Legion Post 232 Scholarship: Wiley Gifford, Jacob Lewis and Madison Steates.

Jean Vicks, Scholar Athlete Award, DFS: Sydney Bialek and Madison Steates.

Richard D. Hunt Award, DFS: Celso Vasquez and Malachi Ward.

Will Hooson Coleman, Clark Mills Historical Society Scholarship: Alexandria Emery, Joseph Covel and Austin Laws.

Schilling Burns Young, VFW Auxiliary 9591: Taylor Arndt

Stricker Family Scholarship, DFS: Ileana Belfiore

Thomas and Mary Louise Cosgrove Scholarship, DFS: Noah Botelho

Clinton Kiwanis Austin T. Bell and Shawn Grady Memorial Award: Megan Bremer

Christin Gachowski-Martin Award, DFS and Schooltown Quester: Alexandra-May Butunoi

Beverly and Fernando Alteri Scholarship, DFS and National School Choir Award, DFS; Cresswell Scholarship: Alyssa Cancilla

Red Foley, DFS: Luke Chesebro

Helen Hannon Healthcare Scholarship, DFS: Jenna Cofano

Jean and Lawrence Rogers, DFS and Nora Bethleham Memorial Award: Joseph Covel

Joseph Charles Lewis II Memorial Scholarship, DFS: Piper Davignon

Clinton Chamber of Commerce: Anthony DeVasto

Carter Jackson Scholarship and CTA Norman Parkhurst: Tanner Deveans

Paul Stratton Scholarship: Daniel Fitzgerald

Eric John Parucki Individuality & Creativity Award and Raymond Saunders Woodworking: Matthew Gadziala

Robert Ingalls Memorial, DFS: Elizabeth Gale

John Philip Sousa Award, DFS; Cresswell Scholarship and Robert and Helen Ford Scholarship: Nicholas Gale

Connor Arthur Lynskey Memorial Scholarship: Wiley Gifford

Kevin B. Hinderling Scholarship and Schilling Burns Young VFW Auxiliary 9591: Brody Glindmyer

Clinton School Alumni Association Award: Brian Hall

Roseann & Russell Gay Award: David Henderson

Henrietta D. Harrer Memorial Scholarship: Blake Hook

Delta Kappa Gamma: Laura Hughes

James and Catherine Miller, DFS and Mamie Dischiavi Citizenship Award: Killian Kulpa

Daniel and Celia Malloy Memorial Music Scholarship and Yearbook Distinguished Service Award: Austin Laws

Mike Burns Scholarship, DFS and Senior Photography Outstanding Achievement: Gaibrielle Lewis

CTA Grant, Excellence in Art and Dr. James B. Torrance Scholarship for Leadership, DFS: Jacob Lewis

Joseph Charles Lewis II Memorial Scholarship, DFS: Mathew Lewis

Ralph G. Martell Scholarship: Marina Marcus

Excellence in Computer Graphics: Sarah Martini

Glimmerglass Festival: Sylvie Novak

Will Hooson Coleman Scholarship: Shawn O’Neil

Debby Hepburn Scholarship, DFS and Howard W. Chaney Memorial Award in Art, DFS; Morgan Pflanz

Carol Burdick Memorial, DFS: Sadie Phillips

Access Federal Credit Union, Bonnie Hibbard Award, DFS, CTA Bessie Griffin Scholarship and Drama Club Award: Shayla Pominville

Elmer Tamanini: Breanna Schremmer

Technical Theatre: Christian Sierson

Barbara Anway Community Service Award and Brenda Cobb Memorial Clark Mills American Legion Auxiliary: Deven Smith

Anne and William Gale Award, DFS and Francis Peretta Distinguished Community Service, DFS: Savarrah Sojda

National School Choir Award, DFS; Cresswell Scholarship: Madison Steates

Clinton Kiwanis J. Arthur Dawes Memorial Award: Luke Stell

Douglas Crane Memorial Scholarship, DFS: Benjamin Tan

Chris Carbone Award and Scholarship in Honor of The Class of 1955: Celso Vasquez

A Better Chance Robert Mason Citizenship, Helen Sperling Scholarship, DFS, High School Student Council Service Award, Student Council Presidential Award and Peacemaker Award: Malachi Ward

Brody Savicki Scholarship, DFS and Joyce C. Nester Memorial Award: Joshua Wilcox

Etude Club, Music Award: Abigail Witte

Anne Kinnel Scholarship, DFS and John and Margaret Roudebush Scholarship, DFS: Yihan Xie

Senior Hall of Fame: Megan Bremer

Salutatorian Award, DFS: Alexandra-May Butunoi

Steven Smaller, DFS/Zumbrum Valedictorian Award: Wiley Gifford

Kilby Family DFS Scholarship: Megan Bremer, Alexandra-May Butunoi, Alyssa Cancilla, Ethan Carr, Danielle Casab, Luke Chesebro, Isabella Ciancio, Joel Cleveland, Piper Davignon, Anthony DeVasto, Madeline Elia, Antonio Femia, Daniel Fitzgerald, Matthew Gadziala, Elizabeth Gale, Nicholas Gale, Wiley Gifford, Brian Hall, David Henderson, Alexis Highers, Alexis Hobika, Laura Hughes, Harrison Hutchings, Abby Hynes, Brenden Karuzas, Tyler Karuzas, Gloria Kramer, Gaibrielle Lewis, Jacob Lewis, Mathew Lewis, Edwin Llanos, Marina Marcus, Sarah Martini, Ashley Neier, Sylvie Novak, Tyler Perkins, Morgan Pflanz, Sadie Phillips, Shayla Pominville, Breanna Schremmer, Savarrah Sojda, Madison Steates, Josh Trask, Evan Wilcox, Joshua Wilcox and Yihan Xie.


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