City and school taxes are a hot topic


In conversations with many individuals the subject is always the same — “taxes.” City and school taxes are too high.

As a former employee of our school district, I’m curious to know if our athletic budget is higher than the one for curriculum. During the years of my employment that was the case, and more than likely it’s the same as parents need to provide 100 pencils, several boxes of tissue and hand sanitizer for elementary students.

Another issue concerns senior citizens having to pay school taxes. Their children have been out of school for years and should not have to pay taxes until death.

Our legislators need to do a better job of alleviating these problems instead of focusing on surplus money, which probably covers raises for themselves and any frivolous ideas they promote.

The residents of Rome need to open their eyes to the problems we have in our schools, especially bullying, and in our city, including blight and zombie properties. It appears that those in control keep turning a blind eye.

— Kathleen A. Murphy, Rome


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