‘Chicago’ had elements to deliver top entertainment


“Absence makes the heart grow fonder.”

The pandemic has reiterated the truth of this proverb in many ways over the last two-plus years.  People, places, things, you name it, and we’ve missed it. But the loneliness and darkness of an empty theater stage was swept away in dramatic fashion this past weekend when the Camden High School music department raised the curtain and brought down the house with their spot-on, Broadway caliber rendition of the musical “Chicago.”

With the excellent role casting, the strong control and range of the vocals, the mixture of modern and vintage dance choreography, clever and effective sets and costumes, and a jazz orchestra that included some of the area’s most beloved musicians, this production had all the elements necessary to deliver the high-energy, jaw-dropping show experienced by the packed auditorium.

This was such a welcomed and wonderful distraction from the global, national, and civic plagues that have occupied many of our thoughts for too many of our days. Did I mention that this was a free show? God bless Camden School District for offering this extraordinary gift to the local community that continues to struggle daily to find societal, financial, and spiritual solutions. 

Finally, since March is once again musical month, I challenge you, no matter what age or background, to find and attend one of these examples of boundless talent, positive merits, and unprejudiced unity, and leave not feeling just a little bit better about humanity!

— Christopher Klara, Rome 


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