Challenge to election’s validity now crosses line


When does a challenge to an election cross the line and become an attempted coup?

In the past, everyone honored the sanctity of a vote, and the candidate that got the most votes won the election. We also honored the right of states to run their own elections. We respected the federal agencies tasked to monitor the systems used (DHS) and investigate any evidence of crimes (DOJ, FBI).

All of these have said the recent elections were conducted legally with no evidence of fraud that could alter the outcome. Close elections justify recounts, but not attempts to discard large quantities of ballots, have state legislatures change their outcomes, or cancel the entire election cross the board.

Proposals by some to do the entire election over and run it with the military, as promoted by recently-pardoned Lt. Gen. Michael Flynn would be laughable — if they weren’t scary.

President Donald Trump has attempted just about every possible effort to overturn this election, and has had no success in either finding evidence or convincing a court to believe him without it. His recent 46-minute rant about election fraud was so full of false statements (i.e., lies) that no major network would air it. However, a majority of Republicans do still believe him and are losing confidence in the institutions that are the foundation to our democracy. Some of his supporters are even making death threats to state election officials of his own party. 

There is little doubt this is now crossing the line.

— Mike Corbett, Rome


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