‘Captain Marvel’ delivers on the big screen


The Marvel superhero movies are practically a dynasty at this point, and “Captain Marvel” is another high-flying feather in their cap.

It may not have the emotional impact of an Avengers film, and she might not be as well known as Iron Man, but “Captain Marvel” delivers all of the energy, excitement and humor you’ve come to expect from the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

This new movie should be especially fun for longtime fans of the Avengers films.

Carol Danvers is a super-powered member of an alien strike force in outer space, but she has no memory of her past or where she came from. When her new mission has her crash-landing on the planet Earth, her amnesia starts to fade and she begins to learn about the life she lost. Nick Fury is along for the ride.

”Captain Marvel” is a pretty fun film. Marvel and Disney know how to make a fun film at this point, and “Captain Marvel” is no exception. Some of the humor is a touch more dry and sarcastic, but when it really cuts loose, it can be a blast. There is a comic relief cat in the film that easily steals the show.

The film doesn’t skimp on the story, either. The overarching movie is about a war between two alien races, with Carol trapped in the middle. “Captain Marvel” finds a lot of strong ways to twist expectations and add more than enough wrinkles to keep it interesting.

Fortunately, you always have Captain Marvel herself to root for. Actor Brie Larson gives the character a nice dry sense of humor, which works for the character and the comedy.

The movie doesn’t position itself as a cultural touchstone of feminism, it’s more of a “girl power” type of flick. And hopefully young girl fans will enjoy having another powerful superhero to call their own.

One of the most fun parts of the film, especially for longtime Marvel movie fans, is that “Captain Marvel” takes place in the 1990s, before any of the other Avengers movies, chronologically. So the new film is filled with all manner of hints and Easter Eggs for longtime fans. The younger, funnier Samuel L. Jackson is especially enjoyable. He’s clearly still having fun playing Nick Fury after all these years.

Jackson also has really good chemistry with Larson. The two of them easily carry the movie with their buddy comedy antics.

If you’re already a fan of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, then “Captain Marvel” should prove to be another enjoyable entry to that ongoing series.


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