Candidate for 119th Assembly seat calls for increase in school aid


Democratic 119th Assembly district candidate Marianne Buttenschon is calling on the governor to increase state aid to public schools.

“Only a year ago, the governor proclaimed that the State of New York had two education systems- one for the rich and one for the poor,” Buttenschon said. “He called our method for funding public education separate, unequal and intolerable. The problem has only grown worse. What was intolerable last January is still unacceptable. The governor and the Legislature have to do better. We all have to do better.”

The Executive Budget increases aid to education by $769 million, she noted. “This falls far short of the governor’s original objective to raise funding by as much as $1.2 billion. It is less than half the amount the Board of Regents asked for in December and well below the $1.1 billion increase contained in the 2017 budget.”

She continued: “The current proposal will not even cover a modest uptick in inflation or the iron-clad contractual obligations all public school districts face. Further, the Executive Budget makes all school districts responsible for meeting the higher costs in simple day-to-day operations. If one factors in the growing list of unfunded mandates and regulations the situation becomes untenable.”

She concluded: “If this proposal stands any gains made last year will be swept away. Our local school districts could be faced with deep cuts once again.”


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