Brindisi will deal with realities of immigration


The Munson-Williams-Proctor Arts Institute is hosting Kimono! The Artistry of Itchiku Kubota. Complementing this in the main hall of the museum is a display of traditional dress worn by people in our community showcasing clothing from Africa, Europe and the Caribbean.

This display evoked my earliest memory of Utica, where I participated in a parade for an Italian festival wearing a traditional Tricolore dress.

My great-grandparents were first-generation Americans. Their legal status isn’t what makes their story valid. They emigrated before 1924, before quotas and before the law was arbitrarily changed to keep them out.

We need presentation that will face the realities of immigration.

It’s not right for families to give up their languages, their names, their religion, all for the sake of assimilation. If someone speaking Spanish triggers you, you have a serious problem.

Anthony Brindisi isn’t for open open borders, or no borders. He’s for real borders.

Claudia Tenney worked abroad in the former Yugoslavia. Rather than use her experience to advocate immigration reform, she supports an administration that put toddlers in jail.

America is more than white and Christian. I’m voting for Anthony Brindisi because facts don’t scare him.

— Kathleen Timpano,

New Hartford


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