Brindisi joins no-budget, no-pay-for-Congress bill


New Congressman Anthony J. Brindisi, D-22, Utica, is cosponsoring a bill that would stop members of Congress from being paid if they don’t pass a budget and appropriations bills on time and prevents retroactive pay if spending bills are passed after the deadline, according to an announcement from his office.

The federal budgeting process says Congress should pass a budget resolution by April 15 and 12 appropriations bills to fund operations by Oct. 1 of each year.

The newly proposed bill is
HR 129 and was introduced by Rep. Jim Cooper, Democrat of Tennessee, on Thursday.

The proposed legislation was referred to the House Administration Committee, according to

As of 10 a.m., it had nine co-sponsors, all but one a Democrat. Brindisi was to be added by mid-day.

“Hardworking Americans know that if they don’t show up and do their jobs, they won’t get paid. The same should be true for Congress,” said Congressman Brindisi. “A stable, reliable budget process is critical to growing our economy and keeping our country safe.”

“No Budget No Pay is a commonsense solution that forces Congress to do its job and holds members accountable when they don’t,” said the freshman Democrat from Utica.

Similar bills have been introduced in previous sessions of Congress.


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