Boonville Snow Festival II postponed to 2023


BOONVILLE — A meeting of the Boonville Snow Festival II Board of Directors was held Tuesday, Jan. 4, to review the mounting challenges facing the presentation of the 2022 Boonville Snow Festival at the Oneida County Fairgrounds the weekend of Feb. 4-6. Due to the surge of COVID-19 and lack of snowfall and cold temperatures, the event will be postponed to 2023.

BSFII President Tony Pettinelli said several factors play into the board decisions and normal circumstances aside, they are faced with many challenges beyond their control.

This year with the current surge of COVID having devastating effects around the world, Pettinelli said. “Our own state and county are hot spots for infections at the moment,” Pettinelli added.

The BSFII relies on spectators and competitors from the northern neighbors to put on a large event for the people who attend. The board has spoken with several of the Canadian spectators and race teams, and was told they would not be able to attend.

Pettinelli said there has also been a lack of cold weather to put frost on the ground to begin building the track, as well as lack of any appreciable snow in the extended weather forecast. The cold weather is coming and, although a struggle, the track building volunteers assured the board they could build a track in time, he said. “Probably the largest hurdle is the lack of snow currently,” Pettinelli added. “The snow is required for the snow bleachers, driver protection and the ability for snowmobile trail riders to access the event. It is also is required for the many people who vacation in the area for the purpose of snowmobiling. Without the tourist traffic and trail riders, the event has suffered great losses in the past and the board knows this pattern too well.”

Anyone interested in becoming a board member or volunteer should contact the Boonville Snow Festival through their Facebook page or via email at:



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