Book details experience of love and loss


Seven out of 10 caregivers are caring for loved ones over 50-years-old.

Author and businesswoman, Jo Ann Simon, had no idea that statistic would soon be a part of her story.

Life was the best it could be for Simon.  She was happily divorced, with a wonderful job, two children and a full, enjoyable life. Then she met Tom. He said when he first saw her that he would spend the rest of his life with her.

To Simon’s surprise, he actually did.  She shares their love story—one many can only imagine in movies—living their lives to the fullest until one tick bite changed the course of their dream world forever. Becoming a full-time caregiver to her husband, Simon experienced providing hospice care to a family member.

Detailed in her newly released memoir, Rose Colored Glasses: A Memoir of Love, Loss and Hope, Simon combines a heart-warming journey through love, medical mysteries, and how to maintain hope and positivity in the face of impending death.

“End of life diseases are daunting. Rose Colored Glasses will give people involved another perspective of how to deal with it during and afterwards,” said Simon.

Rose Colored Glasses includes a section entitled, Websites of Further Resources of the tests and medical information Simon and Tom received, helpful to all who have questions about Lyme disease, other tick-borne diseases, and ALS.

In this life changing chronicle, Rose Colored Glasses explores:

A fundamental message of positivity, hope and sharing a beautiful goodbye —viewing life through rose colored glasses.

Information on Lyme disease and ALS — and their relationship to one another —based from Simon’s medical experiences of these incurable diseases.

Hospice care to a family member — Simon’s story of becoming her husband’s caregiver.

The incredible power of community and friendships

The ice bucket challenge is over, but ALS isn’t — bringing awareness to the disease.


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