‘Blessing Box’ at Verona Fire Department installed to help neighbors aid each other


VERONA — Now in Verona, there is a new way for neighbors to continue the tradition of helping neighbors.

A Blessing Box has been installed at Verona Fire Department, 5555 Volunteer Ave. Similar boxes have been installed in other towns across the nation.

The Verona Blessing Box will be dedicated at 9 a.m. Saturday, Feb. 10, weather permitting. The community may attend. The Blessing Box is already officially open for service. To volunteer to check on the Blessing Box or for more information, call St. Peter’s Lutheran Church at 315-363-5211.

A Blessing Box, also known as a Little Free Pantry, is a community-based solution to immediate and local need. A small wooden box with shelves and a door is mounted on a post. People are invited to place food and toiletry items inside for others to take when needed.

The concept can be summarized as “give what you can — take what you need.” It supplements existing food pantries and feeding programs.

Boy Scout Troop 25 Verona constructed the Blessing Box with materials purchased by the Church Mice of St. Peter’s Lutheran Church.

Volunteers from the neighborhood and area churches will check on the Blessing Box periodically to make sure nothing dangerous or inappropriate is left, and to make sure the box is in good working condition.  


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