Blame for Staley closure rests on only those who designed project


Let’s talk about the elephant in the room — Staley Elementary School.

Let’s go back the six-odd decades or so when it was in the planning and site selection stages.

When the current site won out on the short list, the Mohawk River had been at the rear of the property since before the creation of “Lynchville” (Rome’s original name).

It would seem that future good planning for the worst case scenario would have included some type of Mohawk River retaining wall or flood prevention/mitigation construction in the facility project. To ignore or believe that the river would never flood turned out to be the demise of the building.

The moral and civil accountability for Staley’s closure rests squarely on only those of 60-plus years ago who planned, designed and commissioned the structure without aggressively preventing the then-future catastrophes.

— Bob Balick, Rome


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