Biden’s leadership is lacking


After eight months of errors and omissions, it’s obvious Joe Biden is incapable of holding the highest office in the land.

His failures will leave a scar on our republic for decades. Donald Trump, a successful entrepreneur, made us energy independent. Joe Biden canceled oil and gas exploration. now we’re energy dependent again.

Allowing critical race theory to shape our school’s curricula is a crime against humanity. Biden’s open border policy unleashed thousands of foreigners with unknown backgrounds into communities all over America. His premature exit from Afghanistan has the locals running for their lives.

The most dangerous, crime-infested cities in the U.S. are run by Democrats, and no one is held accountable.

Their infrastructure bill is a scam that does little for infrastructures, yet allocates millions of dollars for their pervasive ideology that triggered inflation and has the economy collapsing.

Will some emerge who can save us from this nightmare?

— Tom Williams, Clinton


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