Beware of new IRS scam


Several citizens have reported to police a new wave of IRS telephone scams across the city.

The scams typically involve a telephone call and a recording claiming that the person owes the IRS money, and if the debt is not paid, the person will be arrested or face other penalties.

Police said the IRS does not call citizens for payment and you should not engage the caller and instead hang up. The calls often leave a telephone number for a call back, and police said these numbers are typically generated through an auto-dialer and change frequently. Police warned not to call the number.

The scams also often involve the caller demanding payment be made via gift card.

“No legitimate business or government agency is going to accept payment by gift card,” warned Police Lt. James P. Boyer.

The lieutenant said his department has received several reports from concerned citizens about the scam, and there has been at least one instance in Rome where a citizen fell for a similar scam. Along with telephone calls, Boyer said there are also similar email scams claiming to be from a government agency demanding money. He said such emails should be deleted without being read. Anyone who receives such calls or emails and is concerned is encouraged to call their local law enforcement agency.


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