Beverly 12/28


I seems that there are some people who are misguided as to the Constitutional scope of the Federal Government. Some people think that it is the responsibility of the Federal Government to provide us with "affordable healthcare", "climate action", housing, and put "money is working families pockets". First, "affordable health care if the responsibility of the INDIVIDUAL or the State. Some people do not understand the 10th Amendment. No where in the Constitution does it provide for the Federal government to be involved in health care. "Climate action"? I guess they don't realize that the climate has been changing since the earth was created. No one can tell us what man's contribution to that is. As to putting money in working families pockets" that is the responsibility of the INDIVIDUAL breadwinner in each family, NOT the taxpayer. 

Build Back Better was a fiscal disaster. We were promised it would not cost anything. That was a lie. Anytime you send money to the Federal government, it costs money to send it back in the form of overhead, (salaries of the legislators and administrators etc.) 

The Democrats are great at spending money, but they think that it grows on trees. RED HOT NEWS FLASH! It comes form the taxpayers and they already pay enough in taxes. 

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