Are we ‘stronger, freer and safer’?


Congresswoman Claudia Tenney may be applying for a new job: “Chief Trump Propagandist.” She hails Trump’s first year as very successful. Tenney claims we are “stronger, freer and safer.” 

She supports environmental destruction, tax cuts for the rich, breakdown of health care, dismantling of government agencies, attacks on intelligence agencies and militarization of police?

Assaults on public education, clean energy, public lands, net neutrality, and the Bill of Rights seem OK with Tenney.

The US has lost its’prominence in the world. Foreign allies no longer trust the US government. Tensions with adversaries are at a high including threats of nuclear war.

We have become isolated and are being left behind. Millions of Americans have consistently gone to the streets to protest the dangerous Trump agenda. People are scared, angry and frustrated. Citizens have turned against each other. The bottom line is this: Conservative Republicans, like Tenney, measure success by the increased power and riches of millionaires and billionaires. Then they can pad their own pockets. The rest is immaterial to them. Not their job. Not their problem.

Tenney says our country is now “stronger, freer and safer?” Really? For who?

— Sally Myhr, Rome


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