Are these ‘alternate facts’ or something else?


The President lied 19 times today, June 15th, during his White House lawn press conference, according to Katy Tur of MSNBC. Then she proceeded to show the video of his statements followed by her facts, with citations as to where her facts came from.

Chuck Todd, on Meet the Press, showed similar video with the President and detailed eight major misrepresentations in the same press conference. The Washington Post has detailed over 3,000 misrepresentations of his in the period since the inauguration. Are these presidential statements alternate facts, benign hyperbole, or is calling them lies a false claim by “fake news”?

Or, are they intentional misrepresentations of known facts? When the press makes a statement that is later shown to be false, they admit it and print a correction. Why not Mr. Trump? All Presidents make statements that are later proven false, and until now they have admitted the error and changed their statement. Why not Mr. Trump? 

I served 30 years in the military and never experienced and cannot imagine any officer above me misrepresenting facts without being held accountable. Can anyone follow a commander-in-chief who consistently and repeatedly misrepresents facts?  Can you?

— Mike Corbett, 507 N. George St.


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