April is National Adopt a Pet Month


National Adopt a Shelter Pet Day was created as a way to raise awareness for thousands of pets that are waiting for and needing forever homes and is observed on April 30.

Millions of companion animals enter thousands of shelters across the country each year. Only a portion of those animals will be adopted into new homes; many will be euthanized. 

These animals are in the shelters by no fault of their own. They aren’t damaged goods, unfriendly or unlovable.

The main reasons animals enter a shelter are because they were found as strays and brought in by law enforcement or citizens, they were rescued from animal cruelty situations, or they were surrendered by their owners. 

Adopting a new pet requires a lot of forethought because the animal will have wants, needs and feelings that have to be taken care of to ensure everyone is happy and healthy.

Take time to think about what is important for you and your future pet.

Take into consideration when you decide to bring a pet home that energy level and overall behavior can vary due to breed, age and the different experiences the animal has been through.

If you are ready to adopt visit your local shelter to meet and get to know the animals that are available for adoption.

If adoption isn’t right for you right now, there are other ways to help. Give your time by volunteering, not only will this help the shelter by providing the animals exercise, companionship and socialization, but it also gives you the opportunity to spend time with the animals.

Check the shelter’s donation needs or wish list and bring the items you are able to give. 

The Humane Society of Rome has some sweet animals that would like to meet you and maybe even be lucky enough to be adopted by you.

Here are a couple of those wonderful animals:

Harley is a 7-year-old male, German Shepard. He’s a quiet boy with great manners and perfect training.

He enjoys being brushed and going for walks. He may be 100 pounds but he promises not to pull you around.

He sits and speaks for treats as well as listens to all other commands.

He enjoys most canine friends, but the staff says a proper meet and greet is required. Come on down and ask to see him today.

Speedy is a handsome 7-year-old fella. He’s not sure how he got his name because he is a very quiet loving older gentlemen that just loves any and all of the attention he gets.

He loves to be pet and held.

He doesn’t seem to mind the other cats around him as he just lays in his bed all day and just watches everyone play and run.

Come on down and meet him. You will love him for his personality.


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