VIEWPOINT: Another view of recent tax case


There is a message that was lost in the coverage of the recent trial of the local business owners of Dippin Donuts.

I don’t have an opinion about the propriety of the guilty verdict. I do not condone tax evasion, and all citizens have a responsibility to their community and their country to pay appropriate taxes. However, we currently have a system that is fraught with inequity and unfairness. When millionaires and billionaires, such as Democrat Jeff Bezos of Amazon or Republican Mr. Trump, can find ways to avoid paying any income tax whatsoever it provides an incentive and a faux justification for other citizens to attempt to avoid tax responsibilities.

These tax dollars are used to promote our military, fix our highways and bridges, potentially build or repair a border wall, maintain our airports, and provide necessary services. When we have a tax system that allows super wealthy individuals to avoid contributing to society, the pool of money available to provide for efficient government and services that benefit all of us is reduced. This results in the rest of us paying more taxes to make up for the wealthy people who don’t pay their fair share. This also encourages regular folks to try to cheat the system. Although I do not agree with tax evasion, I empathize with the owners of Dippin Donuts.

— Peter W. Antonowicz, Ava


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