ANDRO launches new product


ANDRO Computational Solutions, LLC, of Rome, has launched a new radio product called SPEARLink this fiscal quarter — whose success has company officials exploring development of “a manufacturing center in Rome for future radio products and help with testing, handling and delivery of SPEARLink.”

“Developed by ANDRO’s Marconi-Rosenblatt Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning (AI/ML) Innovation Lab, SPEARLink is the first-of-its-kind cross-layer, optimized-energy-aware, and operationally efficient mesh-networking solution that uses an embedded software defined radio design with hardware supplied by ANDRO’s partner Epiq Solutions.”

“The SPEARLink radio was the outcome of a successful U.S. Army Rapid Innovation Funds (RIF) program led by Dr. Jithin Jagannath and Anu Jagannath, associate director of ANDRO’s Marconi-Rosenblatt AI/ML Innovation Lab,” the announcement said. “The core R&D team behind the SPEARLink product also includes ANDRO’s Justin Henney, Zackary Kane, Noor Biswas, and Tyler Gwin, who reside locally.”

Dr. Andrew L. Drozd, president and chief scientist at ANDRO, and Jagannath gave high marks to Epiq Solutions. “Kudos to our core team, and Epiq is a great partner to work with. We hope to continue our business relationship for years to come.”.

The project and SPEARLink product, company officials said, is part of ANDRO’s growth plan to expand its radio research and production facilities and plans to relocate and expand its facilities in the Rome area by the fourth quarter of 2023.

The company is headquartered in approximately 20,000 square feet in the Beeches Business Park at One Beeches Place, 7980 Turin Road, with offices in Syracuse and Dayton, Ohio.

ANDRO, a privately-owned company established in 1994, provides research, engineering, and technical services to defense and commercial industries. It is dedicated to research and product development towards applications of advanced computer software in secure wireless communications, cognitive radios, agile waveform development for tactical radios and satellite modems, advanced radar data fusion, sensor resource management, and other applications.

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