And no popcorn for you...


From the St. Louis Post-Dispatch:

A Missouri deer poacher has been sentenced to a year in jail with an unusual twist: He’ll be required to watch the Disney classic “Bambi” once a month. David Berry Jr. of Brookline was arrested in August in what officials say was one of the largest deer poaching cases in Missouri history.

Berry and the others were accused of illegally killing hundreds of deer, often taking the heads for trophies and leaving the bodies to rot.

In addition to his one-year sentence, Berry was ordered to watch, at least once a month while in jail, the movie about a young deer whose mother is killed by a hunter.

“The judge is hoping there will be some kind of emotional reaction,” Don Trotter, a prosecutor who worked on the case, told The New York Times.

The judge reportedly told Berry: “I hope when you get to the part where Bambi’s mother dies, it makes you think.”


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