Americans still in Afghanistan fear for their lives


Joe Biden turned the mid-East crisis into the worst foreign policy disaster in U.S, history. He turned down a chance to put our troops in charge of guarding the Kabul Airport. The result, a suicide bomber killed 12 Marines and a Navy corpsman. Team Biden abandoned our Afghan allies who served side by side with our troops in the 20 years’ war. A group of our retired veterans came to their aid, and to date they’ve gotten over 500 of them safely out the Taliban’s reach.

Weaponry that cost us billions of dollars are now in the hands of the enemy.

On the homefront, the Department of Homeland Security recently reported over a million of illegals have breached our southern border since Joe Biden was elected. An untold number of displaced Afghans who were never vetted are pouring into our country.

And lest we forget, a Taliban flag now flies high over the U. S. embassy. The world is watching the fall of our republic in the hands of the most incompetent administration in our lifetime.

— Tom Williams, Clinton


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