AIS lands $93M contract


Rome-based cybersecurity company AIS has won a new indefinite-delivery and quantity contract with the Air Force authorizing up to $93.6 million in work, the company announced.

The contract provides for development relating to specialized software used by the Air Force Research Laboratory, or Rome Lab. The work will be done by a team at AIS that works on SecureView, a system that allows users to work within various levels of security with fewer computers.

Work will be performed in Rome, and is expected to be complete by April 2026. The work involves includes research, development, prototyping,
integration, testing, demonstration, deployment, upgrades, enhancement, sustainment and training of innovative technologies and concepts in support of the Virtualized Intelligence Platform Engineering and Research software used by the Air Force.

The type of contract awarded allows the company to perform work for the Air Force without having to go through the full standard procurement process.

“This now creates a longer term sustainment supportability contract,” said Adam Hovak, operations manager for cross domain and virtualization solutions.

AIS builds SecureView for the Rome Lab, and both work to grow the government customer base, or find units in the government that will use it, Hovak said.

“Think about any three- or four-letter agency out there, whether it’s Army, Navy, Air Force, DoD, all the organizations within all those groups are helping fund that as we find them,” Hovak said. “There are currently about 85 of them. I’d like it be 185 and then 385, you know what I mean.”

The work is done by AIS employees in Rome and at its offices in Denver, Baltimore and Boston, said Erin Bushinger, senior manager for marketing and communications.

It’s not the company’s largest contract. 

In April 2018, for example, it was awarded a similar indefinite delivery and quantity contract worth up to $950 million, for Agile Cyber Technology 2. 

AIS was formed in Rome 2001. It staffed and operated the Adversarial Sciences Laboratory in the Rome Lab Information Directorate in Rome, according to the company website, but also has commercial clients as well.

The Rome office of AIS, also known as Assured Information Security is at 153 Brooks Road in the Griffiss Business and Technology Park. It has about 180 employees in Rome and about 312 among nine locations around the country.


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