‘7/11: Finding the Right Path with God’ by Oneida author on sale now


ONEIDA — Local author H. Russell Eastman recently released his latest work “7/11: Finding the Right Path with God.” Eastman, of Oneida, is a great-grandfather and master craftsman in a variety of disciplines, including woodwork, stained glass, tree surgery, music, and electrical mechanics.

“After retiring, I had time to reflect on the many incidents that had taken place with no explanations,” Eastman shared in a statement. “I began to realize that a greater power had guided me. Almost every day, incidents were taking place where items were exactly in front of me before I started looking for them.”

Eastman pinpoints July 11, the day he decided to write a book, as just one of many pivotal points where God’s prompting made itself clear.

“I had a dream on July 11. I had dropped a handful of notes on the floor. Someone was helping me to pick them up. As I reached for them, my hand went right through the paper notes as I heard a voice said, ‘Russell, we have a lot of work to do’.”

Published by Christian Faith Publishing, Eastman’s book is “a striking testimonial that traces God’s masterful handiwork over the course of a lifetime.”

Books are available for purchase at Oneida Commons Vendor Mall, 157 Cedar St., as well as bookstores, or online at Amazon.com, Apple iTunes store, or Barnes and Noble.


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