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22nd Congressional District candidates vie for victory in Aug. 23 primary election

Alexis Manore
Staff writer
Posted 8/17/22

The primary election for New York’s newly redrawn 22nd Congressional District is Aug. 23, with four Democrats and two Republicans vying for ballot lines in the general election.

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22nd Congressional District candidates vie for victory in Aug. 23 primary election


The primary election for New York’s newly redrawn 22nd Congressional District is Aug. 23, with four Democrats and two Republicans vying for their respective nominations.

The old 22nd Congressional District is represented by Claudia Tenney, R-22, New Hartford. It was made up of all of Oneida, Cortland, Madison and Chenango counties and part of Broome, Herkimer, Oswego and Tioga counties. 

However, following the recent redistricting, the new 22nd Congressional District now comprises Oneida, Madison, Onondaga and a small part of Oswego counties. 

Despite being a New Hartford resident, Tenney has decided not to run for reelection in the new 22nd district and will instead run for office in the new 24th Congressional District. 

Those appearing on the upcoming primary ballot for the seat include:


Brandon Williams 

Brandon Williams is a resident of Sennett (Cayuga County), which is not located within the 22nd district. He served in the Navy as a nuclear submarine officer, and is now the founder of a software company. 

According to the History, Art and Archives for the House of Representatives (, representatives must live in the state they represent, but not necessarily the same district.  

According to campaign statements, Williams is a fiscal conservative who vows to curb federal spending if elected. He is anti-abortion, supports second amendment rights, supports voter ID initiatives, and he supports the construction of a wall on the border between the United States and Mexico.

Williams supports a strong military and increased assistance for veterans. He is also in favor of curbing big tech, thinks parents should have a say in the curriculum their children are taught, supports America’s energy independence and favors reform for the criminal justice system. 

Steve Wells 

Steve Wells lives in Cazenovia, currently serves as treasurer for the New York State Republican Party and is finance chair for the Onondaga County Republican Committee. 

According to campaign statements, Wells supports increased border security measures, like the continued construction of a barrier between the U.S. and Mexico. He supports the Second Amendment and the use of background checks and increased mental health resources to reduce gun violence and he advocates for lowering taxes for the middle class and creating more jobs in Central New York. 

As a former criminal prosecutor in Texas, Wells is harsh on crime and wants to increase the maximum penalty for those who cause bodily harm to law enforcement officials. He is for increasing support for veterans and for older adults.


Francis Conole 

Francis Conole is a Syracuse resident who is an Iraq War veteran and U.S. Naval Academy graduate.

According to campaign statements, Conole supports universal healthcare that gives Americans the ability to opt out and keep their current healthcare plan, he wants to codify Roe v. Wade into federal law, he supports LGBTQ rights and wants to strengthen gun laws and to increase background checks. 

Conole also wants to reform the criminal justice system by ending the mass incarceration of non-violent offenders and ending racial profiling.    

Sarah Klee Hood 

Sarah Klee Hood is a DeWitt Town Councilor. Klee Hood previously has served as treasurer to the Town of DeWitt Democratic Committee and is a veteran, having served as an airfield operations officer for the Air Force. 

According to campaign statements, Klee Hood is supportive of LGBTQ and reproductive rights, is an advocate for single-payer universal healthcare, paid family leave, wage-driven affordable healthcare and increased accessibility to college and trade education. 

She has taken a strong stance against cryptocurrency and its negative impacts on the environment, and wants to ban assault weapons and increase background checks.  

Chol Majok 

Chol Majok was born in South Sudan, and immigrated to America in 2001 as a “Lost Boy” from Sudan. Majok later became a U.S. citizen and is now a Syracuse resident. 

According to campaign statements, Majok supports codifying Roe v. Wade into federal law, he wants to ban assault rifles and high-capacity magazines, he wants to improve public transportation systems, a more equitable taxing system and supports the renovation of public housing to accommodate older adults and those with low incomes. 

Sam Roberts 

Sam Roberts is a Syracuse resident and currently is a senior adviser at SUNY Oswego. Roberts worked for General Motors until he retired and has labor union experience as part of the United Auto Workers Union.  

According to campaign statements, Roberts is supportive of public schools and affordable education, advocates for improvement in public safety and community policing, affordable healthcare, human rights and social and economic justice, and conserving the environment.  


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