19 Rome district teachers receive grants through Rome Lab program


Nineteen Rome school district teachers have been awarded money for various projects through a grant initiative from the Air Force Research Laboratory Information Directorate, also known as Rome Lab.

The district on Tuesday announced funding awards through a “Sprout Grant” initiative that was introduced in May “encouraging teachers grades K-12 to apply for funding to support and get students excited about science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM).”

The lab would not comment on the grant amounts.

Projects submitted range from materials to grow plants in the classroom to an augmented reality sandbox, the school district said.

Among grant recipients by school:

Roseann Francescone, Susan Alger, Courtney Huf, Erin Summa, and Leslie Lethwaite, Denti Elementary; Sarah Kessler and Amanda Pacicca, Bellamy Elementary; Christian Arthur, Bellamy and Denti; Josette Canarelli, Dorthea Iselo, Jill Schaal, Stephanie Paisley, and Mark Rushton, Staley Elementary; MaryAnn Urbanik, Joy Elementary; Maura Tarbania, Ridge Mills Elementary;

Christina Steurrys and Megan Spado, Strough Middle School; Albert Bangs and Anthony Spado, Rome Free Academy.


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