Movie Reviews by Sean I. Mills
Weird, artsy film — Nicolas Cage in a scene from “Prisoners of the Ghostland.”

‘Ghostland’ is another notch in Cage’s weird filmography

If you decide to watch a crazy, stylized Nicolas Cage film, you best prepare to watch a crazy, stylized Nicolas Cage film, which is … Read More
TWISTED — Annabelle Wallis in a scene from “Malignant.” “I can all but guarantee that you haven’t seen anything like the shocks in “Malignant” this year.”

Review: ‘Malignant’ is a crazy, clever film

Thursday, September 16
“Malignant” is crazy. I’ve seen a lot in my years watching and now reviewing movies, and even I was taken by surprise with the … Read More
Martial arts action flick — Meng'er Zhang, Simu Liu and Awkwafina in a scene from "Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings."

'Shang-Chi' exciting, emotionally strong

Sunday, September 12
Marvel superheroes meet Chinese martial arts mastery in “Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings,” yet another feather in the … Read More
GOOD HORROR FILM — Rodney L. Jones III as Billy in a scene from “Candyman.” “It definitely has the style and spooks of a good horror film; there’s just not much else to recommend as most of it is pretty forgettable.”

Review: In ‘Candyman,’ the message minimizes the horror

Sunday, September 5
Just in time for the end of summer comes a “Candyman” movie revival, a horror film that leans too hard into its message instead of … Read More
Arthouse film — Dev Patel in a scene from "The Green Knight."

Arthouse over action in ‘The Green Knight’

Thursday, August 26
The weird and esoteric Oscar race kicked off this summer with “The Green Knight,” an artsy and poetic take on a classic King … Read More
DELIGHTFUL — Ryan Reynolds as Guy in a scene from “Free Guy.” “Free Guy’ is a delightful and adventurous flick with a really enjoyable cast.”

"Free Guy" is a feel good action movie

Sunday, August 22
The star power of actor Ryan Reynolds is on full display with his new vanity project “Free Guy,” a big, fun, charming summer … Read More

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