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DISNEY+ EXCLUSIVE — Yifei Liu in the title role of "Mulan." Streaming “Mulan” costs $30, and is available only to Disney+ subscribers.

‘Mulan’ is among best of Disney’s live action remakes

Sunday, September 13
Disney decided to try some new things with their live action “Mulan” film, and most of them worked quite well. They wanted a more … Read More
NOSTALGIA — Keanu Reeves, right, and Alex Winter in a scene from “Bill & Ted Face the Music.”

‘Bill & Ted’ sequel an unnecessary but fun film

Sunday, September 6
One of my most anticipated movies of this very weird, very empty summer has finally arrived in the form of “Bill & Ted: Face the … Read More
family friendly — Bryan Cranston, right, with a gorilla named Ivan, voiced by Sam Rockwell, in a scene from “The One and Only Ivan.”

‘Ivan’ is likable, entertaining offering on Disney+

Sunday, August 30
The term “Disney movie” still carries a solid reputation when it comes to family friendly entertainment. And that reputation holds … Read More
This image released by Netflix shows Jamie Foxx, left, and Dominique Fishback in a scene from "Project Power." (Skip Bolen/Netflix via AP)

‘Project Power’ packs a visual punch

Sunday, August 23
Netflix delivers again with “Project Power” a stylish, action-packed super-powers movie to keep us entertained while theaters … Read More
SEEING DOUBLE — Seth Rogen portrays Herschel Greenbaum, left, and Ben Greenbaum in a scene from “An American Pickle.”

‘An American Pickle’ is no dilly of a film

Sunday, August 16
HBO and Warner Bros. have a new streaming service called HBO Max, and one of their first original feature films is the middling, … Read More

‘Yes, God, Yes’ gets the point across

Sunday, August 9
We’re going to get a little blue with this week’s review of the utterly microscopic indie film “Yes, God, Yes.” Both short in … Read More

‘Death and Taxes’ worth a play

Sunday, September 6

“Death and Taxes” is a game that has you take the role of Grim Reaper — except instead of a robe and scythe, you have a suit and a pen. And like a true office job, Death and Taxes does its best …

Celebrating Student Achievement

Senior Spotlight

Sunday, June 28


Is my blood pressure too high?

Sunday, July 26

Have you been spending a lot of time at home? If so, have you been worrying a lot? Your health is always a concern, but it is an important time to see about your blood pressure. You can buy a blood …