Reaching Carbon Neutrality For $1 A Day
(NAPSI)—Zero net emissions of carbon dioxide from energy and industry can be achieved by 2050—and it could cost only about $1 a day. That’s the finding of a new study by James Williams at the …

Growing a Sustainable Future from Pasture to Plate

Monday, April 19

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4 steps to being a more conscious consumer

Monday, March 22

(BPT) - Today, it’s not enough for a company to make good products. Savvy consumers want to know the businesses and brands they patronize make a positive difference. Do they produce products in …

As the pandemic changes America’s home buying plans, home sales should deliver added value, not cost.

Re-imagining Home Sales For Healthier, More Sustainable Living

Thursday, March 18

(NAPSI)—The COVID-19 pandemic and efforts to stop the spread of the virus have shifted how people think about a lot of things, including their homes. With shelter-in-place orders and shutdowns …

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As carry out surges during the pandemic, landfills are filled with disposable containers

Sunday, February 28
When the world could no longer eat together in restaurants at the beginning of 2020, many of us turned to take-out, delivery and fast food. Online meal delivery revenues in the United States are projected to reach $26.5 billion this year, a 20 percent increase over 2019.

What are the most environmentally friendly alternatives for food packaging?

Sunday, February 28
What are the safest and most environmentally friendly disposable food containers and products available?

How to pick safer disposable materials

Friday, February 26
How can anyone evaluate one-to-one replacements for disposable food service ware designed to be less harmful to health and the environment? It’s not easy. Orb Media has created a basic …

Environmental Education

Monday, September 6
(Family Features) Teaching kids about the environment from an early age starts lifelong habits and creates awareness about the …

Energy-Saving Ideas

Monday, August 2
(Family Features) Energy-efficient appliances are a good starting point as you work to reduce your home's overall energy usage. …

Sustainable Eating for a Better Earth

Monday, July 26
(Family Features) Taking a more sustainable approach to sustaining your body can help protect the Earth and its climate.

Sustainable Sustenance

Monday, July 12
(Family Features) Although good nutrition is essential for human life, food production has a significant impact on the …

Want to go green? These 3 energy choices have big impact

Thursday, April 15
(BPT) - This Earth Day, the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency is celebrating climate action, partnering with companies and …
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5 great gift ideas for the hard-to-buy-for people in your life

2 days ago

(BPT) - Holiday shopping can be challenging, but it’s even harder when someone who’s hard to please is on your list, or when you feel like you’re out of ideas. To put a smile on the …

A fertility expert sets the record straight on the COVID-19 vaccine and fertility

2 days ago

(BPT) - If you read it online, does that mean it’s true? Although the internet has undoubtedly made access to information easier than ever, not all of that “information” is born …

5 ways to get ahead of frequent heartburn, according to an MD

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(BPT) - While experiencing occasional heartburn after enjoying a fiery plate of wings is common, many Americans suffer from frequent heartburn (two or more days per week) — which can have a …

9 Sustainable Gifts to Renew Your Holiday Spirit

2 days ago

(BPT) - For the environment, the season of giving is also the season of waste. From sky-high mounds of one-time use wrapping paper and gift bags, to endless valleys of plastic toys — the allure …

Lithium coin battery safety tips for the festive holiday season

2 days ago

(BPT) - Colorful and exciting decorations are a holiday must-have for families. Children often love the items that light up, move or make noises, so you are likely to have these in your holiday decor …

How to help reduce the chance of a second heart attack or clot-related stroke

3 days ago

(BPT) - Sponsored by BayerAccording to the American Heart Association, one in four heart attack or ischemic (clot-related) stroke survivors will have a second heart attack or clot-related stroke.1To …

Health Officials Still Focused on COVID, Despite Rise in Opioid Epidemic

3 days ago

By Brad Bauer, Senior Vice President, Bamboo Health (MWW) - While COVID rightly remains a high priority for healthcare professionals, public officials, and the media, the pandemic has drawn …

Health Officials Still Focused on COVID, Despite Rise in Opiod Epidemic

3 days ago

By Brad Bauer, Senior Vice President, Bamboo Health (MWW) - While COVID rightly remains a high priority for healthcare professionals, public officials, and the media, the pandemic has drawn …

BookTrib's Bites: Holiday Ideas for Children and Young Adults

3 days ago

(NewsUSA) "The Magic Pond" by Hélene Schweiger "There is a silver lining to every cloud." That is the motto of author Hélene Schweiger, who presents us with …

Dietary Supplements Can Support Your Immune System

3 days ago

(NewsUSA) - As the COVID-19 pandemic continues after nearly two years, people continue searching for new ways to take control of their health and support overall wellness. This interest in self-care …

3 reasons Casper and Yellowstone National Park belong at the top of your travel list

3 days ago

(BPT) - Planning any travel adventures for 2022? If you love the outdoors, and have an interest in the history of the West, opportunities abound for a bucket list–worthy trip to Casper, Wyoming …

Survey Shows Low Levels of Cryptocurrency Literacy

3 days ago

(NewsUSA) -Cryptocurrency continues to expand through the global economy, but approximately 96% of Americans were unable to pass a quiz about the fundamentals of cryptocurrency, according to results …