Redefining ‘Summer School’: How Year-Round Learning Can Shape K-12 Education

Monday, April 5
While this year in particular, educators say, it’s a good idea for students to seize the opportunity to make up for lost time at school, summer learning can help kids get ahead or explore new academic interests on an accelerated schedule.
by Megan O’Reilly Palevich, M.Ed.  (NAPSI)—Each day, as people across the country wake up and check their phones, turn on their morning news broadcast, or unfold their local papers, one …

Want a better career? STEM online programs can help you get there

Friday, March 5
(BPT) - As the job market increasingly calls for STEM professionals (science, technology, engineering and math), more online programs are emerging that can help students study for such careers.While …

Kid-Friendly Ways to Learn About World History

Monday, April 5

Building an appreciation for history is one way to help kids understand and connect with the world around them.

For the first time since October 2020, at least half of parents are comfortable with their child returning to school.

Parents More Optimistic About Education

Monday, March 22

(NAPSI—According to a recent EdChoice and Morning Consult poll, half of parents of school-aged children said they were very or somewhat comfortable with their children returning to school “right …

Taking action: 3 ways businesses can support careers for women in STEM

Friday, April 16

(BPT) - There is a severe global shortage of women entering careers in Science, Technology, Education and Mathematics (STEM). According to the National Girls Collaborative Project, women occupy just …


3 issues many working women face today

Monday, March 8
(BPT) - Even though women make up nearly 51% of the world’s population, there is still a way to go when it comes to full, fair and equitable treatment.As part of International Women’s Day …

How to crush interviews and build relationships — even through a screen

Friday, March 26
(BPT) - Have you been on a recent virtual date or job interview and just not felt the energy you might have in person? You’re not alone — as the pandemic has taken away the ease and …

Why Women Benefit from Financial Planning

Sunday, April 25
(NewsUSA) - As we celebrate Women's History Month, we take time to reflect on the important contributions women of different backgrounds have made to our country and on the importance of diversity …

5 key money moves to consider when transitioning out of the military

Wednesday, March 17
(BPT) - Each year, approximately 200,000 men and women transition from the U.S. military to civilian life.1 It can be a dramatic life change with financial implications that many people don’t …
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Entrepreneur Inspires Youth with Community Projects

Sunday, April 25

(NewsUSA) - Young people in underserved communities in the United States have been especially hard-hit by the ongoing coronavirus pandemic, with many support systems and activities …