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“Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3”

Thursday, May 11
The Guardians of the Galaxy series comes to a very satisfying, very emotional finale.

“Peter Pan & Wendy”

Wednesday, May 3
The new Disney live action adaptation is a perfectly adequate retelling of the classic story, with just enough new material to be worth a watch.


Wednesday, April 26
A simple and pretty fun streaming movie that keeps the genre alive, but won’t ignite any fires. Good to see Chris Evans still getting work.


Wednesday, April 19
Nicolas Cage chews the scenery and his victims in a bloody and comedic new Dracula movie, emphasis on bloody.

“The Super Mario Bros. Movie”

Thursday, April 13
Special guest Thomas Caputo joins Sentinel Cinema to discuss how two lifetimes of playing Super Mario video games has prepared us for the new animated movie.