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Combine the crazy premise of a world without The Beatles with a charming, by-the-numbers love story and you’ve got one of the weirdest romantic comedies in years with “Yesterday”. Part tribute … more
Spider-Man is back with another big screen adventure, one that delights with strong characters, big and crazy action scenes and a truly phenomenal new adversary. Marvel and Disney make this look … more
“Toy Story 4” proves you can’t keep a good franchise down with another delightful, meaningful and heart-filled installment. A lot of love and care went into making this new movie, proving that … more
In the world of sequels nobody asked for comes “Men in Black: International,” a thoroughly boring and pointless movie that should never have been made. Hollywood has never been one to let a good … more
After nearly 20 years, the X-Men film franchise comes to an end with the thoroughly lackluster “Dark Phoenix”. The X-Men movies are often credited with kicking off the superhero movie craze back … more
“Godzilla: King of the Monsters” delivers everything you could expect from a Godzilla movie: great, glorious giant monster fights and a forgettable human plot. Fortunately, the epic, exciting … more
The new live action “Aladdin” film cannot hold a candle to the original animated version, but it’s still a fun enough film on its own. The second of three live action Disney remakes this year, … more
Fans of the John Wick series of films will find a lot to enjoy in the newest film — "John Wick: Chapter 3 - Parabellum" — but they also might get bored by more of the same. Since the John Wick … more
Only children and major Pokémon fans are going to find something to enjoy in the lightweight but innovative “Detective Pikachu”. The film has the depth of a straight-to-DVD kiddie cartoon, but … more
If you’re looking for some counter-programming to escape the "Avengers: Endgame" hype, then the new romantic comedy "Long Shot" is pretty charming. “Long Shot” doesn’t break the mold or … more
Stop-motion animation might be a lost art form, but “Missing Link” from Laika studios proves the style is still very fun to watch. Laika has been putting out small, under-appreciated stop-motion … more
“Avengers: Endgame” is the real deal. It’s the grand finale that lives up to all of the hype and excitement, and then delivers even more. As the final chapter in a decade’s worth of Marvel … more
Even though it’s a comic book movie reboot that nobody was really asking for, the new “Hellboy” is still a pretty fun supernatural action film with an entertaining lead character. Just don’t … more
“Shazam!” is good, old-fashioned superhero moviemaking that revels in the childlike glee of what it would be like to actually get super-powers. In a movie market crowded with superhero films, … more
As the first of Disney’s parade of live action adaptations to come out this year, “Dumbo” is a sour sign of what’s to come. Dark, off-putting and poorly written, “Dumbo” is torn between … more
The hotly anticipated horror film “Us” has arrived in theaters to deliver a creepy, unsettling and wickedly creative thriller. “Us” is the second film from new horror mastermind Jordan Peele, … more
“Captive State” is a dour, unfocused film that has a lot of really neat sci-fi ideas, but ultimately fails to execute them all that well. I don’t know enough about the film to blame it on the … more
The Marvel superhero movies are practically a dynasty at this point, and “Captain Marvel” is another high-flying feather in their cap. It may not have the emotional impact of an Avengers film, … more
So the WWE is making movies about itself now? “Fighting with my Family” could either be the start of a new get-rich-quick scheme by the infamous Vince McMahon, or it could just be a nice little … more
Don’t let the big cartoon eyes fool you, “Alita: Battle Angel” is a legitimately entertaining and action-packed flick worthy of braving the winter cold to take in. This time of year is normally … more
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